The Gospel for Real Life

Two Sermon Series, Conviction & Hope

Beginning this Sunday, I’m starting two sermon series.  On Sunday mornings, I’ll be preaching through the book of James.  The series is entitled, “Living Theology.”  On Sunday night, I’ll be preaching a series entitled, “Christ in the Psalms.”  I must admit that I am feeling my need for God’s grace, wisdom and strength.  As I was studying this morning in the book of James, I was gripped with how short I fall from His standard.  I was also seeing my need for His grace to bring conviction and to also bring hope.  As I was studying Psalm 1 this morning, I was convicted in reading about the man who is blessed for entrusting his mind to God and not to the world.

This conviction is wonderful!  I am thankful for it.

In John 6:65, Jesus says, “This is why I told you that no one can come to me unless it is granted him by the Father.”  Conviction is wonderful because it brings hope that God is working.  It enables me to see that God is in charge and He loves me enough to show me where I’m faltering.  But, I don’t want to stop there.  James makes it clear that we cannot stop there.  So, I ask for your prayers that I would continue to move to Christ, my ultimate hope.  This is a truth that I’m finding in the Psalms.  We find real hope in the midst of tragedy and joy not by reading pithy answers for our life.  We find hope when we grab hold of the Scriptures intent – and that is, Jesus.  (I would expound more on this, but you’ll have to come to Ventura Sunday night to hear more.)

Therefore, praise the Lord for conviction and pray to the Lord that He would open our eyes to the beauty of Christ!

Father, You are so good that our minds cannot fathom the depths of Your kindness.  Yet, You have revealed Truth about Yourself so that we can know You intimately.  Spirit, would You open our eyes and our minds.  Would You overpower us so that we would be sheep who faithfully feed in Your pasture – basking in Your life.  Jesus, thank You that because of You we have all spiritual blessings.  Grip us with Your grace.  Grasp us in Your love.  Grow us in Your holiness.  Amen.


2 responses

  1. Hey, I first wanted to say that I like your new blog! Who made your logo, “Living Theology?” It looks sweet! 😀

    I said a prayer for you and may you be filled with all love and joy!


    August 6, 2011 at 11:29 am

    • Kortni made that logo. (Is this the question to which you were referring?) I love the logo, too. Thanks for your prayers!

      August 8, 2011 at 3:58 pm

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