The Gospel for Real Life


1) Blog’s Pursuit & Purpose

The pursuit and purpose of this blog is to maximize the splendor of grace.  It is my desire to glorify God, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through writing that accords with His Word in order to seek Christ, edify believers and share the good news of God’s grace to all who read.

2) Distinctives & Guidelines

This blog is founded on a biblical, Christ-centered worldview with the Bible alone as our final authority and guide.  Here you will find writings that are consistent with conservative, evangelical protestantism.

All comments are to be edifying, on-topic, and moving toward the goal of the blog.  While disagreement can be very healthy, please keep in mind that the goal of this blog is to always build up, not tear down.  In addition, this site is not intended to function as a forum for debate.  I, the author, will more than likely not be responding to comments on what is written.  I will leave that to other readers to respond – if they desire.  Simply keep in mind that my ultimate foundation for truth is found in the Bible, and therefore, all disagreement on this blog should rest its case there.

There may be occasions where comments are shut down or, if need arises, for an individual to be asked to leave due to an overall disagreement with the blog’s intent and/or an unwillingness to pursue the distinctives and guidelines as stated here.  My hope is that this would not be the case, but I understand that it may happen.

My desire and prayer is that this blog, by the dynamic strength of the Holy Spirit, would glorify God – fostering biblical encouragement and pointing people to His glory as found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


One response

  1. Update: while this blog is not being regularly updated (10/19-indefinitely), I have lifted comment moderation. I will not be receiving e-mails of updated comments; so, please know that I personally will not be responding to comments made on this site.

    October 19, 2011 at 11:05 am

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